mathNEWS Issue 103.2: Friday, February 02, 2007


Now Hiring

Due to the recent passing of its JobCanary, the JobMine maintainers are now accepting applications for this recently-opened position. The late JobCanary was evacuated after it warned workers of imminent collapse, but died on the way to the veterinarian. (Obituary, page 13) A replacement is needed urgently to protect [other] JobMine employees.

Federal and University regulations do not permit discrimination against non-canaries, but applicants will be evaluated on their respiratory sensitivity. Applicants should be more sensitive than the average canary. Experience with web applications would be an asset.

JobCanaries recieve danger pay during the co-op application periods each term, and must be able to survive without sunlight for long periods of time (sorry, plants). Sentient beings are preferred.

definitely not someone who doesn't work at JobMine

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