mathNEWS Issue 108.4: Friday, October 31, 2008

Top 10 Halloween Treats

Because Tricks are for Kids!

10. Dress up as PDEng and drive fear into the hearts of engineers. You might have a wrench driven through Your heart, but it will be worth it.

9. Waste your entire halloween doing Static's physics problem, then hunt him down and demand vengeance.

8. Hand out copies of mathNEWS instead of candy. Old copies of mathNEWS can be taken from the MathSoc office. If their costumes suck, have a pile of The Boar handy.

7. Dress up as a bible thumper and condemn loudly any demon, skeleton, or zombie that is walking down the street. mathNEWS takes no responsibility for religous based violence.

6. Be Two Face and whenever you see a Joker, flip a coin. Do something on heads. Violence and Alcohol are ideas, but you didn't hear it from me.

5. Be something nerdy. i.e. Take a group of people, and be a linked list. Be sure the head of the list is given the candy, and have it iterated through the list. Poor end of list.

4. Be a math news writer (not necessarily related to number 5). In other words, look like you just got out of bed and be sure to have free pizza.

3. Dress up as a midterm. If you can't pass one, be sure you can pass as one.

2. Convince one person in the class that you are all going to class as Waldo, then isolate that person in class so he is easy to find.

1. Instead of going for candy, sleep around. Venereal diseases are both tricks and treats!

Tbor aka Anti-Thor
With Ideas from Static IP

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