mathNEWS Issue 114.2: Friday, October 08, 2010

I Suck at writing for mathNEWS

I have come to the startling conclusion that I, in fact, suck at writing for mathNEWS. I have realized this after thinking deeply for a grand total of about five minutes. I spend much of production night either messing around on the Internet, doing homework, or eating pizza. I frequently ask other writers for ideas, and this is where most of my good ideas come from. As well, I am horrible for writing lists of random shit nobody actually cares about. Thus, I suck at writing for mathNEWS. But, I'm probably still better than much of the math faculty, since I passed the ELPE.

My first major problem is that I horribly procrastinate for coming up with ideas and actually writing them. The average production night for me consists of writing my one good idea and finding that it actually sucks. I then spend copious amounts of time "thinking about what I should write" ... where by "thinking about what I should write" I mean "spending time on Facebook". I also spend a fair amount of time thinking about the questions from my homework I haven't solved. Basically, I show up, write a bit of crap, then go eat free pizza.

Many of my "good" ideas are actually stolen from the other writers. When I have exhausted my own ideas, I loudly inquire as to whether anyone else has any ideas. If I hear one that sounds good, I then write an article on that. If I don't have any good ideas and I don't hear any, I make a random list about something that sounds funny in concept. But in reality, nobody cares about it.

Despite all of my (many) failings, I am still better at writing than most people. I at least have a desire to either (a) Write for a publication; or (b) get free pizza for a few hours of really no work. So, I may not be a very good writer, but I'm the best they've got, so they'll just have to deal with it! And I get free pizza. And I'm still better than a lot of the math faculty at writing.


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