mathNEWS Issue 114.2: Friday, October 08, 2010

Campus Crusade For Cheese

Do you love cheese? Do you like cheese? Would you be able to work something out with cheese? Say, if the cheese gave you a back rub and set out some nice scented candles first ...?

Never mind. In any case, your Campus Crusade for Cheese wants you! Our meetings, which cost you only $2 each, will be in RCH 308 during the month of October, and MC 2054 thereafter. Come out this Friday (and every subsequent Friday of the term) at 4:30PM to eat cheese with us! You'll get to sample 8-10 delicious cheeses and vote on the one you liked the best. That week's winning cheese will return the following week, and so on until our End-of-Term Party, which will feature all of the term's winners. Don't forget to look for our Facebook group!

Stay cheesy,
Jesse Onland
Commander-in-Cheese F10

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