mathNEWS Issue 114.2: Friday, October 08, 2010


Howdy concerned users!

So, if you wrote for mathNEWS or visited the MathSoc website, or really got involved in MathSoc at all, you would know that Pink Tie went down temporarily last night. Last night being Monday. Pink Tie being a server, not the giant piece of fabric similar in purposelessness to a cravat, but attached to a building.

Thusly, mathNEWS with the help of it's courageous editors and staff staunchly defended the bastion of erudite thought by cleverly avoiding the previous production system, the use of which is similar to stabbing yourself in the hand repeatedly with a pencil. (Any force of will applied to it results in an equal and opposite force from the system. Its is sharper and more focused and results in internal splinters.)

But returning to the problem of Pink Tie. The server, not the actual tie. As undergraduate students, we take the faculty's computing resources for granted. How many faculties have systems stable enough that assignments are developed, done and graded on them? Well, two. Us and engineering. And engineering uses Windows.

mastHEAD Question: How would you take down Pink Tie?

"A well timed gust of virtual wind"

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