mathNEWS Issue 116.6: Friday, July 22, 2011

The M3 Showers

Pay Attention, CS Students

As part of the new math building, there are showers in the bathrooms on the fourth floor. I do not know why these are only on the fourth floor, but they are. Upon entering the shower, the first thing that I noticed was that they were very large. There is enough room for a veritable orgy in the shower without being visible from outside. Being heard is an entirely different matter, however. There is more than enough room for everyone to take off all their clothes and leave them in such a way that they will not get wet.

In addition to being spacious, the showers are also well equipped. The shower heads are detachable and adjustable, the water temperature is easy to control, and there is a seat. A downside is that, at the time of my shower, the water pressure was not very good. The massage setting on the shower head did not have enough pressure to feel nice. I was also disappointed by the flow rate on the other settings. On the other hand, I suspect that the water was softened, as it did not rinse off soap very well. If you plan to use these showers for cleaning yourself off, instead of their myriad other uses, it is recommended that you bring your own soap. The only soap in the showers is bathroom hand soap, which is ineffective for washing yourself off.

One of the main issues with the showers is the lack of available towels. These can be taken out of PAC, but this necessitates traveling outside and exposing oneself to the daystar. So, one must bring enough towels for everyone taking the shower. This is rather inconvenient, and your trusty reviewer neglected to do so. Thankfully, the pathway between M3 and MC is generally warm, so wearing a minimal of clothing and spending time in this tunnel can dry you off quite nicely. It helps to have no shame.

In conclusion, ZOMG M3 SHOWERS SO GREAT!!!11. Just make sure to bring your own soap and towel. Alternatively, be shameless. Shamelessness often helps.


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