mathNEWS Issue 116.6: Friday, July 22, 2011

24 Hour Games Night

Starts July 23rd at Noon in the C&D!

It is that time of the year again, where people frantically run about worrying about final projects and exams; in this chaotic midst, one term tradition emerges to help relieve the stress of the term's end - 24 Hour Games Night. Due to some entity robbing the rightful booking of the Comfy Lounge under our noses again, the event will start in the C&D on Saturday, July 23rd at noon. When the Lounge's booking expires at 19:00, we will migrate to the Comfy Lounge so we may take advantage of the comfortable couches found in the lounge until the noon of Sunday, when the event officially comes to a close.

As always, snacks and drinks will be provided, and to combat the scorching heat outside, freezies will also be provided to the attendees. Pizza will be provided for the participants who stay overnight to stave off the hunger from staying awake. Even if other engagements prevent commission to the whole 24 hours, showing up to a portion of the night would be much appreciated. Since we have just completed acquisitions for new games, do come to play the new games which we have acquired for the society at whole. Come, show up, and enjoy the night!

Zethar, on behalf of the Games Directors

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