mathNEWS Issue #500: Friday, September 25, 1998

In this issue:

Ode to the mathNEWS Life

By Mala Krishnan

Last week I received a note
From Editor Chadwick Severn who wrote
Messages with kind words by rote
To each ex-editor on whom he'd dote:

"I need your help, oh Great One
mathNEWS' 500th must be done!
I'm not quite sure I'll make it run
So write something quick -- keep it fun!

Okay, I admit, it wasn't quite that way.
"We'd love to print what you have to say."
What could I write in just a day,
And not cause a dreaded delay?

You see, while I was there
I never really did care
To write articles for all to share;
My name in mathNEWS was really rare.

But then, at one evening meeting
In the Comfy Lounge's exquisite seating
"Be a co-editor," was the greeting
Just before we went eating

I accepted and that was fate
I have to say it felt really great
To never, ever have to wait
For a computer at night so late

Between editing and subject cramming
I would occasionally do programming
And my head in the board went ramming
As the PMC went "jamming"

Memories -- I have them all
Of Brian Fox discussing football
Of Mike Hammond -- he had the gall --
To spread puns at his beck and call.

Ian's annoying production system,
Gridby's puzzles -- how'd he make 'em?
Domino's pizzas -- yep, we had them
To calm our growling stomachs' mayhem.

And who can forget staying up and about
Well past midnight doing layout?
The layout system was the pits, no doubt
I'm surprised I never shout.

I don't really want to be a bore
So I won't mention anything more

I'm in the real world now and it's the best
University, all-nighters and all the rest

Are in the past to never reappear
But I will make something clear:

mathNEWS editor, it was great to be
But writing... well, it was never for me.

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