mathNEWS Issue 78.5: Friday, November 6, 1998



[Phone photo 1]

"You got something I might like?"

"I've really got to go... I was about to go hiking and need to buy a have something interesting to show me? Ok."

"Do I have a pad and pencil? Well, yes, but—"

"You want me to write down my age...Ok, I'm writing it down. Great! Thanks, I'm really grateful...what? You want to guess what my age is?"

[Phone photo 3]

"Well, I can just tell you if you want...oh, it's a trick, ok."

"You want me to pick a number at random and add it to my age? Alright."

"Now pick another random number and multiply it by that sum? Ok, but how are you going to guess my — Oh, ok, you want me to tell you what number I have now? Ok, it's 112."

"So what's my age?"

"Wow! How did you get that?"

[Phone photo 2]

"That's a very impressive trick...I can't believe you figured out my age after I...waitaminute...Mom? Is that you?"

[Phone photo 4]

"Yes, that was very clever, mother."

"Alright then, yes, I'll be over for dinner on Monday...alrighty...gotta go...bye bye now!"

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