mathNEWS Issue 82.4: Friday, March 8, 2000

MATH 136 Midterm

There are strange things done
In the evening sun
Performed with a pencil and pen
Tales of skew matrix germs
And of algebra midterms
Filled our heads from 7 'till 10

And yea how we'd pour
Over section 2.4
And think about row ranks and vectors
Our brains they would boil
For two hours we'd toil
For a chance to sip an "A"'s sweet nectar

And some they were late
Come in just after 8
Hoping that they were the norm
Some screamed and some cried
Saw a credit there died
Over row-reduced echelon form

Our eyes were aghast
Somehow the time passed
And I prayed for a favour or two
'Cause when you like to skip class
Tests are a pain in the ass
Kids, don't let this happen to you

Gabe "RJX" Kempe

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