mathNEWS Issue 82.4: Friday, March 8, 2000

A Few Words From Your Resources Director

A lot of you have been visiting the Online Exam Bank, which I'm unreasonably happy to see. (Over 1,000 hits in the last 2 weeks!) If you haven't checked out the page recently, we've just gotten a lot more exams, thanks to the Pure Math department and to Kim Gingerich in particular.

We now have hundreds of electronic copies of exams in 82 courses, but we're still lacking, particularly in Stats & ActSci. If you have any exams, electronic or hardcopy, please donate them to us. Hardcopies can be dropped off in the MathSoc office (if you want to keep your exam, we'll make a copy) and electronic donations can be submitted to me at resources@mathsoc.

Steve Forrest
Resources Director

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