mathNEWS Issue 82.4: Friday, March 8, 2000

Pink Tie Pledge

Hello 00Grads!

Can you believe that we're almost done? Between now and when we run from our last exam to the bar, there are a few important dates:

March 1st Intent to Graduate forms due for Summer
Convocation. Yes, I know it's passed but if
you missed it, hand it in ASAP!
March 10th GradBall at the Waterloo Inn
Deadline for the Pink Tie Pledge's Dean's
Challenge; Deadline for Getting Dirty for
the Tie Challenge
March 24th Wine & Cheese at the University Club
Deadline for the Pink Tie Pledge's Ralph
Stanton Pledge

What is the Dean's Challenge? The Dean's Challenge is when you donate $100 in 2001, $900 in 2002, and $1000 in 2003 in exchange for your personally designated prime number and a dinner with the Dean on March 16th.

What is the Getting Dirty for the Tie Challenge? Well, your fabulous MGC co-chairs have agreed to challenge the class to donate $20,000 by March 10th by agreeing to a tug-a-pink tie rope contest over a mud pit. What does this mean for you? It means that if the sum of pledges before March 10th exceeds $20,000, anyone who donated becomes one team vs. the MGC Co-Chairs team for the contest. But don't worry, Greg and I can take you all down!

What is the Ralph Stanton Pledge? The Ralph Stanton Pledge is when you donate $151 in 2001, 2002, and 2003 in exchange for a prime number and a reception on March 31st.

Remember it's not the size of your donation that counts, it's how you use it, and you can apply your donation to any of MEF, Descartes Scholarships, or the Math Tutorial Center. Pink Tie pledge cards are available outside the MGC office and can be handed in to any MGC office worker or to the MGC mailbox in the MathSoc office.

Let's put some pink on the tie people!

Esther Small
Co-Chair of the Math Grad Committee

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