mathNEWS Issue 82.4: Friday, March 8, 2000

Ten real reasons behind the recent DoS attacks on major web sites

[DoS, for those of you who don't know, stands for "Denial of Service" — RichEd]

  1. More Y2K bugs.
  2. A chain letter said it would improve love lives.
  3. Microsoft claims Linux did it.
  4. A chain letter promised to send free gifts for helping.
  5. Linux claims Microsoft did it.
  6. A chain letter promised to give free software upgrades.
  7. There are no DoS attacks. (DoDoS)
  8. A chain letter would donate 5 cents to some charity every time a site was pinged.
  9. DOS sucks anyway. (Who says 640k RAM is all you need?)
  10. Squirrels did it.

Anthony Dharmasurya

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