mathNEWS Issue 84.6: Friday, December 1, 2000


It all happened innocently enough.

It was a Friday morning. The prof was saying something about searching in an unordered linked list. I wasn't really listening and I was kinda bored. So like any good computer engineering student, I began to read the mathNEWS that I picked up from the MC building where that morning's physics tutorial was. All my friends agree that mathNEWS is the only publication that's worth reading at the University of Waterloo, counting out all those Maxim magazines in my Don's room. I was reading the profQUOTES when I thought to myself — why don't I submit an article to mathNEWS? I mean Computer Engineering is kinda like CS, so I'd have no trouble getting into a Math frame of mind. (My friend Jacky walks in sine waves literally before a Calculus exam — maybe he drank too much coffee.) But what to submit? For sure it must be something to do with math. I began to play with my trusted Casio calculator for inspiration before I realized that I could spell funny words with the calculator. To do this just type the number below and turn your calculator upside down.

I came up with,
0.1134 hEllo
but I realized that I can spell,
1134 hEll
and my French friend (he's from Quebec) suggested
713705 SOLEIL —> That's French for sun.

To impress my French friend (who is a long time fan of Pokemon and digiMon), I yelled out the only French word I know, "Pourquoi!" and started working on a translation table,
h: 4, E: 3, O: 0, S: 5, L: 7, I: 1, R,B,A: 8, and g: 9, rest just came so easily:
53045 ShOES
376616 gIggLE
and then I started describing some of the people in the class:
3704558 ASShOLE
77342.06 gO.2hELL
83507 LOSER
558.618 BIg.ASS

My StarCraft playmate, who happened to sit next to me, came up with a killer:
5318008 BOOBIES

Then I knew that I could not top that, but some words came up quite naturally after that,
335 SEE
3760 Ogle

So that was time well spent. And if anyone can come up with new words, please e-mail to me at I was thinking of compiling a dictionary entitled, "All the Words You Can Spell with a Calculator." (p.s. You have to cover part of 8 to get A and R.)

James "SuperFreak" Lin

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