mathNEWS Issue 85.1: Friday, January 19, 2001

Sexy Blue CS Attracts Attentions Once Again

Several reports indicate that the CS sculpture standing erect outside the main doors of MC is once again captivating the interest of passers-by.

Like the Venus de Milo and Michaelangelo's David before it, the CS sculpture is a clear demonstration of both form and figure while emanating a certain playfulness in it's deceitful stance. Yet in the summer of 99, the sculpture was defaced. Halving both it's masculinity and apparent sex appeal in one blow, the dominating CS sculpture was reduced to a useless hunk of pink steel.

Public opinion ranged from overt outrage to complete hostility. "I can't believe I have to walk past that thing every day," said one observer. "I'll never pick up a chick again," concluded one disillusioned computer science student.

The people most decimated by the color change, however, were the frisbee players and the Arts students. The Artsies were no longer able to complete their fine arts classes without discovering that each assignment had somehow manifested itself into a pink CS sculpture. Meanwhile, the frisbee players were unable to throw accurately due to the extreme glare given off from the sculpture. The final death toll from that term is still being tallied.

Fortunately, the CS sculpture has climactically exploded into the twenty-first century with a sexy new blue colour. More than once, passers-by have been caught ogling the new colour and standing in awe of it's commanding presence.

The future for the sculpture is a great one limited only by it's incredible sex appeal and it's cryptic message.

Kay DotOh

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