mathNEWS Issue 85.1: Friday, January 19, 2001



Grid Clues


  1. Hottest Member of *Nsync
  2. Yelling from a man on top of a horse
  3. Slogan for anti-drunk driving campaign
  4. If any mathematician could be in a boy band, it would definitely be this one
  5. All the girls write about the Backstreet Boys in their _____
  6. The band BB-4 has a set of these
  7. CS majors drink a lot of this beverage
  8. The hard third year CS course
  9. __ the moon and back
  10. Not the kind you pick up at the corner
  11. A popular type of logic gate
  12. A long time ___, in a galaxy far, far, away
  13. Egyptian god of light
  14. If you're really good, and really religious, you may become one
  15. Both the Backstreet boys, *Nsync and Britney are good at this activity
  16. They had a killer dance song about coming at 9:00pm
  17. When the boys dance, they tend to _____ a lot
  18. Let's get it __
  19. Laugh Out Loud
  20. When a man says __ he means __
  21. The gym has a very peculiar ____
  22. The Spice Girls are a group of Pop _____
  23. She sings with Eminem
  24. ____ up your arms, and give a big hug
  25. The Japanese take this home
  26. A lot of pop groups ____ old songs
  27. Moses never had one, and was always jealous of Noah
  28. *Nsync and the Backstreet Boys are some of my _____
  29. Frosted lucky _____s
  30. Okay
  31. An alternative band, just before six
  32. Dilating pupils, drugs, and tiredness ?


  1. Yet another hotty in *Nsync
  2. When you work hard, your body may run low on _____
  3. True, old spelling
  4. To some people, pop music can ________, or annoy them
  5. Prozzak's new web address, and hit single www....
  6. HiLo without the vowels
  7. An image of an idea
  8. A battle of good vs ____ (hint: it is not *Nsync)
  9. A cutie grad student, who could be in a boy band himself. Also a word for an extensive tract of uncultivated open land covered with herbage and low shrubs.
  10. Paths, trails, course of events,...
  11. Not a yes
  12. Another member of *Nsync
  13. Where the Backstreet Boys are from
  14. Where *Nsync is from
  15. Britney Spears has yet to _____
  16. (I got the D, double 0, D double O style)/2
  17. Actress, singer, always says 'try again'
  18. My mind just drew a _____
  19. Low level code, assembly style
  20. He is always full of bright ______
  21. One of Japanese decent, who grew up in America
  22. Keeps singing about a girl, and how she bangs
  23. This group did the song "If you gettin' down"
  24. These fat birds don't fly

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