mathNEWS Issue 85.1: Friday, January 19, 2001

Time of Your Life

If you think this column is about naked bungee jumping models juggling flaming knives ... read on, and it might just get to that. In the meantime, this column is about the life of an entrepreneur. The thrill of being your own boss. The power to choose how you will attempt to make your mark on this world. And the ability to live on one meal a day.

I graduated from UW Math not too long ago — 8 months ago, in fact. At that time, and probably still now, job prospects were great for any UW CS grad. So taking that high paying job at Microsoft just seemed like the norm for most students after school was over. But I decided to take a different route and became an entrepreneur. So far, it has been the best decision I've ever made.

Today I'm already on my second entrepreneurial adventure, having partnered with 3 other UW grads. The company is Kickstarts, and oddly enough, one of our biggest mandates is to foster entrepreneurship at the student level by providing students with the opportunity to propel their ideas and dreams from conception to implementation. A chance to kickstart their venture, win over $100,000 worth of tactical services, and become a more attractive venture for investors. More importantly, a great alternative to that cushy desk job.

So, what's my point? Well, simply this: if you have a great idea for a company, and you're on the fence with regards to whether or not to go for it, take these words as me trying to push you over to the "go for it" side. There is no greater feeling than being an entrepreneur (well, I can think of a few, but those only last like 45 minutes). Whether you decide to use the resources made available to you by Kickstarts is irrelevant. What's important is that you follow your dream and jump on the opportunities that are presented to you. Don't look back 20 years from now with regret and think to yourself "what if?" If you're an entrepreneur at heart, whether you succeed or fail, you'll have the time of your life.

As for the naked bungee jumping models juggling flaming knives ... that's one of those entrepreneurial perks I can only tell you about once you're on this side of the fence.

Good luck.

Anil Sabharwal

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