mathNEWS Issue 85.1: Friday, January 19, 2001

President Speaks

Welcome everybody to an exciting new flavourful term! My name is Paul Royston, your duly acclaimed president. I am in my last term and am psyched for a fun involved term. Please, Please, Please come and see me and the other Executive and talk, complain, excite and suggest. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Our office has changed a lot! So please drop by on either side of the hallway! MC 3035/3039 x6515 1-888-628-4762

"Jolly" Paul Royston

Focus Groups

Mathsoc will be holding a focus group this term with random students, probably 15 or so. This will involve free food and about an hour of your time. You will be asked questions and have a chance to comment about things we can do better and have done well. We look forward to focusing with you.

"Happy" Paul Royston

Final Report

Mathsoc is here for you. You pay $7.50 to us and $3.00 to mathNEWS, and these go to a vast array of services. We want you to know what we do, for example: Photocopiers, Course Evaluations, Scanning, Stapling, etc.... The list goes on and on! We will have a W01 Final Report with everything we have done with your money, services we provide and the extensive web of machinations MathSoc maintains.

Indiglo Paul Royston


Mathsoc Meeting Wednesday January 24th 5:30 pm
Big Chill Tickets Available at MathSoc January 20th $5.00
FASS Tickets also Available for Feb 1,2,3rd $4.00 to $8.00

Pint with a Prof (Woo hoo)
Storage Room Cleanup (Oh Yeah)
Server Back Up (Thank Goodness)
MGC Nominations (WOW!)

Sale! Sale! Sale!
We are on Sale! Novelties that is...
We have pens, rulers for 50% off
Deck of Cards $2
Mugs $2
Ties $4–$10
Buttons $0.25
Knife with Light $4
Wristbands $0.01
Tomatoes $3.14 per, in season, while supplies last
Blocks of Styrofoam $4.50
Bucket Hats $5
Tank Top $8
Things are going like Cake!
Get ready for our New Socks this term!!

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