mathNEWS Issue 85.1: Friday, January 19, 2001

What WC Does Not Stand For

When I first arrived in England last week, I was a bit surprised that there were no washrooms at the airport. Nor were there washrooms at my office or at the restaurant we went to for lunch! I was certainly relieved (and relieving) when I found a washroom in my hotel room.

A few days later, I had it pointed out to me that, in fact, most places in England did have washrooms, but they were mislabelled: WC. Here, now, are some of the things I expected to find in a WC, but usually did not.

Well, that's my list, I only found a couple in WCs, but I still have a few more months of searching. Feel free to drop of your ideas for what a WC should contain and why in the BLACK BOX.

Bradley T Smith, Editor-in-England

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