mathNEWS Issue 85.1: Friday, January 19, 2001

Writing Group

Since the spring term of '99, a community of writers in Waterloo has been forming and deforming each term, both on campus and off. What for? I offer a few possible reasons.

Within this community, some found the usefulness of a source of feedback. Some found inspiration in each others' writing, in each others' encouragement (whether a result of accolade or criticism), and through the occasional group activity. Some found an audience and, thus, a motivation to write. Some found variety in the works of their peers, and the sense of perspective made their insight all the more deep. Some reaped the questionable benefits of associating with minds believing themselves to be creative, and some glimpsed the spectre of an artistic community in Waterloo.

Those interested in partaking should send an email to detailing suitable meeting times (preferably evenings). Meetings happen weekly, but the term's day and time has yet to be chosen.

Aylwin Lo

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