mathNEWS Issue 90.6: Friday, November 29, 2002


Good-bye Palindromic Year!

Wow, those twenty issues went fast. And to think, I've been GridMaster for all of them. What a lovely year ... and a perfect time to announce my retirement.

That's right, no more GridMaster Bradley (or Simon). I've been holding too many others back from reaching their true potentials as GridMistresses or GridMasters. I'll train someone new in the fresh year and step aside gracefully (unless I trip over that power cord again).

So, on this saddest of happy occasions, I would like to now review the cryptic puzzle from last issue. There were four completed solutions, so please, allow we to list them with their authors' current or desired wizard powers: Adam Weatherhead (The ability to teleport from place to place. Especially now that it's getting cold out), Matt (the hobo) Tucker (I can touch my toes), Dan Rosart (Free play at the Campus Cove. (That's a wizard power, right?)), and the SJU Crew (1. The ability to create and read page 20 and 21 (want); 2. The ability to sleep through anything (have); 3. The ability to scare the shit out of anybody (have).) And after much deliberating with my new random number generator, Adam Weatherhead is declared the winner!

Who let the conventional gridWORD out? I did! Now let's look at the three submissions: Bryan Coutch (The ability to convert to radians), Catherine, Eric, and Kyle (Ability to gain or lose weight at will), and Michael Huang (The power of congruency). And what's that random number generator? The second one? Now you're not just taking the average of first, second, and third in a list are you? No? Okay, then Catherine, Eric, and Kyle, you can pick up your C+D gift certificate from the mathNEWS mailslot in the MathSoc Office at your leisure.

And that's all she wrote, where she is defined as me up to this point. I'd like to thank everyone who enjoys the gridWORD for making this feature possible, but most of all, thanks to Linda Carson who writes every cryptic and conventional for mathNEWS! Good-bye 2002!

Linda et Simon

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