mathNEWS Issue 94.1: Friday, January 16, 2004

The Psychology Of Numbers

Although numbers are not alive, or even have a physical existence, they nonetheless have their own psychology. First, there are the numbers that try to be as Natural as possible. They are part of a larger group that consider themselves as being Integral to society. A larger group that includes these Integers is the group of numbers that behave in a fully Rational fashion. However, a distinct and larger group of numbers behave in an Irrational manner, including the group that think that they Transcend existence. Speaking of existence, the Rational and even Irrational groups at least consider themselves to exist, i.e., are Real. An opposing group, however, consider themselves to not even exist, i.e., they are Imaginary. The behaviours described above are why the Real numbers and the Imaginary numbers together form a very Complex society.

The Termal Schizo

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